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Frost Rippers for 1.5-60 Ton Excavators

Ligong Heavy Duty Ripper to suit machines from 3 – 38 tons. Built to machine specifications (machine’s stick or quick coupler).

    Product Introduction

    Ligong Heavy Duty Excavator Ripper Attachment to suit machines from 3 – 38 tons. Built to machine specifications (machine’s stick or quick coupler).


    Apply all the power of your excavator at one point for maximum ripping efficiency.
    Replaceable tooth and wear shroud 
    Added side wear protection to extend life of ripper (for excavators bigger than 10 tons)
    Extra thick steel shank for increased strength
    Reinforcing gussets for added durability.


    Item / Model Unit L02 L04 L06 L08 L10 L14 L17
    Pin to pin distance mm 265 310 390 465 520 570 Customized
    Overall width mm 375 420 570 665 750 830 850
    Overal height mm 390 950 1200 1250 1400 1480 1550
    Pin diameter mm 40-50 50-55 60-70 70-80 80-90 80-90 90-110
    Dipper width mm 150-180 180-200 200-315 300-350 360-420 360-420 400-500
    Plate thickness mm 50 55 65 80 90 90 90
    Weight mm 70 165 255 420 780 780 830
    Application Excavator mm 4-6 5-9 9-16 16-23 30-39 30-39 40-49


    ● Unearthing Challenging Terrains: When confronted with tough or rocky soil, leverage the power of a ripper tooth attachment. This tool effortlessly loosens and fractures the soil, streamlining the excavation process.
    ● Roots and Stumps Removal: Tackling stubborn tree roots and stumps becomes a breeze with a ripper tooth attachment. It excels at breaking and removing these challenging obstacles, surpassing the capabilities of a regular bucket.
    ● Efficient Demolition: Elevate your demolition projects with the versatility of ripper tooth attachments. Perfect for breaking down concrete, asphalt, and other formidable materials, these tools enhance efficiency and precision in demolition work.
    ● Mining and Quarrying Mastery: In the realm of mining and quarrying, the ripper proves indispensable. Utilize its prowess to extract minerals and materials from the most robust rock formations, ensuring optimal productivity in operations.
    ● Landscaping and Construction Companion: From grading to trenching, the ripper tooth attachment emerges as a reliable companion in landscaping and construction tasks. Its ability to effortlessly break through hard or compacted soil makes it an essential tool for various projects.



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