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Electric Magnet For Excavators

Yantai Ligong is the professional factory of excavator magnets. Our quality is unsurpassed, and we offer the greatest variety of electromagnets.

    Product Introduction

    The scrap and demolition industries have many unique and demanding applications for excavator magnet systems. The high cycle times demand a system that is durable and dependable. Ligong offers a variety of different styles of Scrap & Demolition Magnets that are designed for top operational efficiency and lasting durability. Using a lifting magnet attachment to gather only the material you want to load is an effective, inexpensive tool that can help increase profits.
    The commonly used excavator magnet are magnetic suction cups, which are generally rectangular or circular. It uses magnetic force to hold ferromagnetic workpieces tightly, and is used for plane adsorption of steel bars and scrap iron, and also used for scrapped cars, ships, steel structures, etc.


    Tough: Unequaled craftsmanship; the welding and machining of our excavator magnets is world class.
    Priced Right: Best value on the market.
    Versatile: We have magnets for every budget and most applications.


    Diameter 1300 mm
    Weight 1600 mm
    Lifting weight 1000 kg
    Max lifting 2000 kg
    Power 11 kW


    Our excavator magnet is a highly efficient way of adding magnetic lifting capabilityy to your fleet of excavators. The scrap magnet will help you save on equipment repair and downtime and allow you to turn scrap metal into a profitable income source. 

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