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Ligong hydraulic shears

2024-01-03 14:19:32
At Ligong attachments, we constantly develop our range of shears to cater to every job and industry. We always will maintain high quality and low prices, servicing the 3T - 50T range of excavators. We have an extensive range of shears, including single cylinder steel shear, double cylinder steel shear, double cylinder rotating concrete crusher, hydraulic demolition shear, hydraulic concrete pulverizer, Multipurpose shears and so much more. If you are a contractor who wants to save time and money, do the job faster with one of our premium shears. Make no compromises maximising your efficiency and job site productivity with the unmatched quality you can trust.

We are responsive and work actively to with listening to what our customers want. We ask until we have understood, and we try to be clear in our communications.In our daily work this means that we are actively trying to get feedback and suggestions for improvements from our customers, suppliers and employees.

If something can be done easier, it is our goal to do it. We strive to make our products and work processes as simple as possible.

We work hard to continuously improve our own impact on environment, on social responsibility and in making sure business is conducted in an ethical way. We are ISO9001 and CE certified, and we work with internal health and safety well in line with applicable standards. We regularly follow up our supply chain from an environmental impact perspective but also taking code of conduct and corruption into account. We invest in order to grow our production capacity but also to make sure our environmental impact is reduced.
We strive to shorten the response time in all customer contacts such as mailing, technical support and service. As an organization, we strive to have a competitive advantage through rapid learning.In our daily work this means that we try to be available whenever the customer needs us and that our stock of spare parts to be able to ship key components on very short notice.

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