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Hydraulic Magnet For Excavators

Fixed magnet plate for demolition and construction sites and movable magnet plate with chain connector for mass loading at scrap yards.

    Product Introduction

    Built-in generator with advanced control technology provides faster mate pick-up by a quick magnetization with impulse excitation and material re automatic demagnetization with counter voltage and sequence pulsation.
    ligong Hydraulic Magnets are designed and produced for steel handling and to aid in the cleaning/clearing of ferrous scrap within demolition sites and recycling yards.
    The hydraulic magnets have their own internal electrical generator for electrical energy production which is mounted directly upon the top plate of the magnet. The magnets use integral hydraulic control valves which regulate the delivered flow and pressure are able to guarantee quick and efficient functioning of the magnetized plate.
    The magnet is connected directly to the excavator hammer circuit negating the need for a separate electrical generator on the excavator and therefore permitting use between multiple machines. The magnet can be fitted using chains or via a bolt-on mounting adapter for easier excavator quick-hitch operations.
    The LG-HM Series magnets are available in 2 models fits from 13-30 ton excavators.


    25% faster
    Power control
    Excellent handling
    Built-in generator
    Smart protection


    Model Name  WMagnet diameter [mm]  Operating weight of excacator [ton]  Height [mm]  Magnet power consumption [kW]  Weight [kg]  Approximate Lifting Capacity [kg]
    Steel plate cut layer Scrap Iron Chip
    LG-HM L08 φ1000 15-20 ton 1000 7 1600 5000kg 600-900kg 400-500kg
    LG-HM L10 φ1200 20-35 ton 1090 10 1850 7000-7500kg 1000-1300kg 500-600kg


    Our excavator magnet is a highly efficient way of adding magnetic lifting capabilityy to your fleet of excavators. The scrap magnet will help you save on equipment repair and downtime and allow you to turn scrap metal into a profitable income source. A hydro magnet attaches easily to any excavator and is ideal for demolition sites, scrap yards and recycling facilities.



    hydraulic magnet 19suhydraulic magnet 2hcohydraulic magnet 3m49

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