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Stump Rippers for 1.5-60 Ton Excavators

The advantage of the Root Ripper is being able to tackle all sizes of tree stumps more efficiently. Small stumps can be rooted out by ripping the tine under it as the tine will go between roots unlike buckets and larger stumps can be ripped to pieces by literally pulling chunks off it enabling you to get at the roots and taproot in the middle which always hangs on just when you think your nearly there!

    Product Introduction

    When you encounter tough thick roots instead of blunting all your tools and saws in the earth just drag the strong ripper blade through that's mounted on the rear of the tine and saw your way through using the weight and power of your machine to rip saw the roots in no time, Even though the tine is biased towards forestry and landscaping the tine is strong enough to be used for general ripping, the rear saw blade can be removed for this purpose, The tooth and saw blade are High Tensile and both are replaceable.


     Dual ripper teeth for grubbing out root structure and pulling stumps out of the ground with strength and precision.
    Large throat and tip-to-tip opening allows for shearing of huge stumps and logs.
    Steel plate backfills stump hole, side plate profile to side sweep and level grade.
    Massive reinforced knife shears and logs even the toughest stumps.
    Shearing stumps help to remove dirt and rock, reducing grinder wear, providing cleaner end product, and increasing production.
    Designed for 40,000-100,000 lbs. class excavator with auxiliary hydraulic line for the additional piston that powers knife.
    Each unit is custom manufactured to fit your exact excavator specifications.


    Item / Model Unit L02 L04 L06 L08 L10 L14 L17
    Pin to pin distance mm 265 310 390 465 520 570 Customized
    Overall width mm 375 420 570 665 750 830 850
    Overal height mm 390 950 1200 1250 1400 1480 1550
    Pin diameter mm 40-50 50-55 60-70 70-80 80-90 80-90 90-110
    Dipper width mm 150-180 180-200 200-315 300-350 360-420 360-420 400-500
    Plate thickness mm 50 55 65 80 90 90 90
    Weight mm 70 165 255 420 780 780 830
    Application Excavator mm 4-6 5-9 9-16 16-23 30-39 30-39 40-49


    ● Excavating hard or rocky soil: When digging in hard or rocky soil, a ripper tooth attachment can help to loosen and break up the soil, making it easier to excavate.
     Removing tree roots and stumps: Can be used to break up and remove tree roots and stumps that are difficult to extract with a regular bucket.
     Demolition work: Ripper tooth attachments are useful in demolition work, as they can help to break up concrete, asphalt, and other hard materials.
     Mining and quarrying: In mining and quarrying operations, the ripper can be used to extract minerals and other materials from hard rock formations.
     Landscaping and construction: Often used for grading, trenching, and other landscaping and construction tasks that require breaking up hard or compacted soil.

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