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Broom Sweeper For Excavators

Thanks to its easy handling and its compact frame, the Ligong roll sweeper for excavators is the ideal tool for cleaning vertical surfaces such as walls, tunnels or old city walls, and any area otherwise difficult to reach using frontal tools.

    Product Introduction

    The reduced dimensions make its handling easier and its usage comfortable in areas difficult to reach. LG-brooms are available in two different shapes, either square or with rounded edges to easily sweep corners.
    Is perfect in combination with a NOX-Tiltrotator for levelling out rubble, gravel, top soil or ballast, or sweep water or snow.


    ● Solid design
     Fast oil flow
     Excellent handling
     Compact frame
     Lower cost of ownership
     Save time onmaintenance
     More speed,less consumption


    MOD. L 120 Unit
    Length of broom 1210 mm
    Overal length 1310 mm
    Height 800 mm
    Dia. of broom 155 mm
    Flow rate 70 L/min
    Pressure (max) 180 Bar


    Cleaning pavements, cable trenches, railway switches, tram tracks, roofing, containers, flooding or other disaster areas from debris, material or snow the Ligong sweeper range give you the tool to take on the job. 

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