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Excavator Bucket Heavy Duty V Ditch Trapezoidal Bucket

The trapezoidal Ideal for trenching and landscaping,Cutting edge mounted with two strong teeth for better soil penetration.

    Product Introduction

    With its high strength steel and reinforced structure, the Ligong trapezoidal bucket is rugged and durable.
    The choice of side angle (52° or 60°) enables digging of trenches of the exact shape required, for each specific application.
    The side blades reduce resistance to the terrain, for quicker, easier penetration. The result is rapid digging with perfectly cleaning sides.
    Teeth can be fitted for work in particularly compacted or abrasive terrains.
    The wide range of models allows the perfect match for every excavator, providing the best performance for each specific class and application from 0.6 to 22 ton.


    1) Both blade (single or double) type and teeth type could be made for different needs. 
    2) The unique appearance, whose upper width is much longer than down width, allows the trench or channel to be in appropriate size and straight shape. 
    3) Wear-resistant steel plate, strong and durable
    4) Pin heat treatment
    5) Optional: bucket pins/Bolt onextra plates on bothside cutting edge.
    6) The angle of the bucket can be customized.


    GD Bucket Adapter,Teeth,Side cutter Mainly used for digging hard soil, mixed with a relative soft stone and clay, softer stones and other light load operating environmentalso used for excavation and sand, gravel and soil and other light load operating environment. 
    Narrow Bucket Adapter, Teeth,Side cutter Used for rivers, ponds and ditches environment.
    Cleaning Bucket Adapter,Side cutter Applied to cleaning work in channels and ditches .
    Tiling bucket Adapter,Protective Cover Tilt buckets are used for digging foundations, trenches, drainage systems, etc. Its flexibility makes working in tight spaces or where specific angles are required more efficient.
    Trapezoid bucket Adapter,Teeth Mainly applied in forming ditches in wide fields, such as waterways and roadways in government projects and forestry.
    Skeleton Bucket Adapter,Teeth,Side cutter/protector Applied in integrating sieving and excavation of relatively loose materials.
    Rock bucket Adapter,Teeth,Side cutter/protector Mainly used for hard gravel mixed with hard soil, sub-hard stone or flint, after blasting or loading, and heavy-loading.



    Top (overall) width/In Basewidth/In Weight/Lbs Top (overall)width/mm Basewidth/mm
     8-12Ton  48 12 739 1,219 305
    54 18 787 1,372 457
    12-20Ton   54 12 983 1,372 305
    60 18 1,045 1,524 457
    66 24 1,217 1,676 610
    20-25Ton  63 20 1,371 1,600 559
    69 24 1,565 1,753 610
    25-30Ton  66 20 1,704 1,676 508
    72 24 1,907 1,829 610


    74 20 2,513 1,880 508
    80 24 2,740 2,032 610

    The above sizes are for reference only, and the final size is subject to the actual product size.


    Mainly applied in forming ditches in wide fields, such as waterways and roadways in government projects and forestry.

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    application (2)g4oapplication (3)cjpapplication (3)o56




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