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Excavator attachment hydraulic grapple Japan type hydraulic grab for sale

Our hydraulic grapples are meticulously crafted to excel in loading and unloading various materials, including woods, logs, rocks, steel slag, haystacks, scrap steel, and more. Designed for special operations, these grapples are your go-to solution for a wide range of tasks.

    Product Introduction

    Robust Construction for Reliability:
    Our hydraulic grapples boast a robust construction, ensuring durability and reliability in demanding work conditions. Crafted from high-grade steel, these grapples stand the test of heavy-duty performance, minimizing the risk of mechanical failure.

    Heavy-Duty Performance with Ease:
    Experience heavy-duty performance with the convenience of easily accessible grease points. Our hydraulic grapples are designed for smooth operation, providing a secure hold on materials for enhanced efficiency in tasks such as cleaning sites, recycling, stone handling, demolition, logging, forest residue management, sorting, and bulk material handling.

    Durability Through High-Grade Steel:
    Key to our grapple's durability is the use of high-grade steel known for its strength and abrasion resistance. This material ensures the grab withstands the wear and tear of intensive use, maintaining optimal functionality over an extended period.

    Versatility Across Industries:
    Our hydraulic grapples are not limited to specific operations; they excel in processing timber, rocks, demolition debris, and construction materials. This versatility makes them a valuable asset across various industries.

    Choose our hydraulic grapples for outstanding performance, reliability, and efficiency in your material handling operations. Invest in equipment that delivers exceptional results, project after project.


    1. Safe and high efficient.
    2. Easy installation.(use the same pipes with breaker)
    3. Pin heat treated
    4. Wear resistant steel plate 


    Item/Model Unit Lmini L02 L04 L06 L08

    Grapple width(W1)

    mm 345 430 470 630 740

    Opening width(W2)

    mm 1200 1338 1601 1970 2080

    Oil Pressure

    kg/cm2 80-110 110-140 120-160 150-170 160-180

    Operating flow


    25-40 30-55 50-100 90-110 100-140


    Ton 1-3.5 4-6 7-11 12-16 17-25


    Demolition of wooden structures, Scrap handling, Cleaning.
    Moving, Loading, Sorting and Organizing materials in order.

    application  (1)t6bapplication  (2)vhfapplication  (3)yko


    details (1)cendetails (2)ma8

    details (5)86pdetails (6)ihj

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