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Ligong hydraulic post driver hydraulic demolition hammer for excavator

Ligong hydraulic post driver hydraulic hammer can be used not only as normal hammer, but also a post driver by installing the post cap chisel, which can help customer to finish more working conditions.

Ligong hydraulic hammer is a versatile and durable tool with precise control and safety features, making it an indispensable asset for demanding applications in the construction and mining sectors.

Ligong hydraulic hammer has 18 months warranty.

    Product Introduction

    Ligong hydraulic hammer is widely used in demolition, perfect for light-heavy concrete structures and asphalt pavements, performing earthworks, scaling in underground operations, and so much more. High-quality hydraulics and a rigorous heavy-duty design deliver maximum power whilst preserving the lifetime of the hammer. The robust design utilises the highest quality materials and components to provide tremendous force.


    1.Specialized Pile-Driving Design:
    This type of hydraulic breaker is specifically designed for pile-driving applications, featuring specialized components and capabilities tailored for efficient pile installation.

    2.High Impact Energy:
    Post driver hydraulic breakers are equipped with high-impact energy to effectively drive piles into the ground, making them suitable for construction projects that involve foundation work and piling.

    3.Adaptability to Various Pile Types:
    These breakers are designed to be adaptable to different types of piles, including sheet piles, H-beams, and concrete piles, providing versatility for a range of construction needs.

    4.Precision in Pile Placement:
    The design allows for precise control over the placement of piles, ensuring accuracy and alignment during the piling process. This precision is crucial for projects requiring specific pile configurations.

    5.Heavy-Duty Construction:
    Pile-driving hydraulic breakers are typically constructed with heavy-duty materials to withstand the substantial forces involved in pile installation, ensuring durability and longevity.

    6.Ease of Attachment to Carriers:
    These breakers are designed for easy attachment to various carriers, such as excavators or backhoes, allowing for efficient integration into existing construction equipment fleets.

    7.Reduced Vibrations:
    Some models may incorporate features to minimize vibrations during operation, enhancing operator comfort and reducing the impact on the surrounding environment.

    8.Efficient Pile Extraction:
    In addition to pile driving, certain pile-driving hydraulic breakers may offer capabilities for efficient pile extraction, allowing for the removal of piles when necessary.

    9.Enhanced Operator Control:
    Operator controls are designed to provide enhanced precision and control during the pile-driving process, facilitating optimal performance and minimizing the risk of errors.




    The primary application of a crushing hammer is in the field of material processing and demolition. It is commonly used to break, crush, or fragment large objects into smaller pieces, making it an essential tool in construction, mining, and recycling industries. The crushing hammer's powerful and percussive force allows it to efficiently break down materials such as concrete, rocks, and debris, facilitating easier disposal or recycling.

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