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Eagle Beak Shear for Heavy-Duty Metal Cutting High-Strength Excavator Scrap Shear for Heavy-Duty Operations

Primarily for 8-40t excavators.

LG Scrap Shear is Robust and powerful attachment with exceptional cutting force, it efficiently handles cutting tasks involving steel rebars, thick steel plates, and even tires

    Product Introduction

    LG Scrap Shear with its rapid work rate makes it an indispensable tool, especially in scrap metal recycling facilities
    Its primary advantage lies in its high-strength performance, excelling in efficiently cutting materials like steel rebars, thick steel plates, and even robust items like tires. 
    With an exceptionally fast working frequency, it stands out as an essential tool, particularly in scrap metal recycling yards. 
    LG Scrap Shear's capacity to swiftly and powerfully cut through various materials makes it an indispensable asset for scrap processing and recycling operations. 
    Its adaptability for a wide range of excavator sizes, coupled with the ability to handle diverse materials, ensures versatility in demanding industrial environments.


    Excels in cutting steel wire, thick steel plates, and rebars. High strength, fast operation, and an essential tool in scrap yards.
    High Cutting Force: Capable of cutting through steel rebars, thick steel plates, and tires.
    Fast Working Frequency: Ensures rapid and efficient operation.
    Versatile Application: Suited for 8-40t excavators, offering adaptability across a range of sizes.
    360° Rotation: Allows flexible cutting from various angles.
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    hydraulic shear (5)u8j

    Techincal parameter

    Scrap shear Unit L04 L06 L08 L10
    A-Length mm 1850 2508 3118 3720
    B-Open width mm 320 390 440 600
    D-Shear force kn 1211 2000 3300 5325
    E-Shear force kn 624 770 1400 2185
    F-Shear force kn 370 480 810 1162
    Weight kg 630 1500 2200 3358
    Shear pressure Mpa 18-20 25-30 28-32 30-35
    Oil flow Lpm 80-110 90-120 200-220 240-280
    Suit ton 8-12 13-20 20-30 30-40
    Cutting capacity
     parametergso mm 35 45 65 90
     parameter2g40 mm 80 180 220 330
     parameter3x6h mm 120 240 360 500
     parameter46a1 mm 5 14 18 22


    Scrap Metal Recycling Yards: Cutting and processing scrap metal materials efficiently.
    Demolition and Recycling Operations: Handling thick steel plates and steel rebars in demolition and recycling tasks.
    Industrial Scrap Processing: Efficiently cutting diverse materials like steel rebars, thick steel plates, and more.
    Manufacturing Facilities: Processing and cutting metal materials in manufacturing plants for production purposes.
    Waste Management Centers: Handling and cutting metal parts in waste management facilities for recycling purposes.
    Construction Sites: Trimming and cutting metal parts during construction or renovation projects.
    Shipbreaking Yards: Cutting and processing metal structures and components in shipbreaking operations.
    Industrial Maintenance: Cutting and managing metal parts in large industrial machinery and equipment maintenance.
    And more...

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